2017 Weekend Retreats

Unless otherwise noted, weekend retreats begin at 7 pm on Friday evening and end at 4 or 5 pm on Sunday afternoon.  They are not residential.  Housing for out-of-town participants is usually available upon request.

As presented on our Calendar and other pages, this list is color-coordinated to Buddhist lineage:  Zen teachers are listed in Black, Tibetan in Red and Insight/Vipassana in Blue.


and the
Ecological Challenge

Renown Buddhist scholar, author and Zen teacher


returns to lead a weekend on
October 20th – 22nd

David Loy

The ecological crisis – which includes global warming but is much bigger than that – is the greatest challenge that humanity has ever faced. What does Buddhism offer that can help us understand and respond appropriately? And what does ecological crisis mean for how we understand and practice Buddhism (or any spiritual path) today? Among other things, we will reflect together on the parallels between our perennial individual predicament (according to Buddhism) and our collective predicament today. What does this all imply about how we understand the bodhisattva path? What does it mean to be an “ecosattva”?

Loy is the author of A New Buddhist Path: Enlightenment, Evolution, and Ethics in the Modern World.

For more about David Loy, visit his website here.