2017 Weekend Retreats

Unless otherwise noted, weekend retreats begin at 7 pm on Friday evening and end at 4 or 5 pm on Sunday afternoon.  They are not residential.  Housing for out-of-town participants is usually available upon request.

As presented on our Calendar and other pages, this list is color-coordinated to Buddhist lineage:  Zen teachers are listed in Black, Tibetan in Red and Insight/Vipassana in Blue.



Zen and Yogacara

with visiting teachers

Norman and Kathie Fischer

July 7th – 9th, 2017
Friday evening and all day Saturday & Sunday

 During this weekend retreat we will focus on teachings from Vasubandhu’s famous “thirty verses,” and koans from the Book of Serenity. These evoke the “mind only” teachings of the yogacara school of Buddhism which, as foundational to Zen, are found throughout Zen stories as well as Dogen’s writing. Our goal is to bring these profound teachings to practical, everyday matters: How do we see our lives, how do we live them? The retreat will include sitting, presentation, and informal discussion.  

For more information about Norman and Kathie Fischer click HERE


The Engaged Spiritual Life: Awakening Individually and Collectively in a Time of Need

 with visiting Insight Meditation teacher

Donald Rothberg

August 11th – 13th, 2017
How do we combine depth of spiritual practice with engaging in the larger world, responding to the major challenges of our times? The path of engaged Buddhism is a path connecting inner and outer transformation. It is about coming to see that our real work is the same whether we are in silent practice, with our families or communities, or helping to transform our larger society and ecosystems.

Recognizing that there are phases of more inner work and more outer engagement, and very personal ways of navigating this balance, Donald will help us identify key principles and practices that can help us to weave together the different parts of our lives and practice—individual, relational, and collective—increasingly into a seamless whole. He will share insights from over twenty-five years of teaching, scholarship, developing training programs, and action in this area.

The retreat will include silent and guided periods of sitting and walking meditation, interactive exercises, talks, discussion, and meetings with the teacher, all in the context of about 40% of the retreat in silent practice.

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Renown Buddhist scholar, author and Zen teacher


returns to lead a weekend on
October 20th – 22nd

David Loy

David R. Loy addresses head-on the most pressing issues of Buddhist philosophy in our time. What is the meaning of enlightenment–is it an escape from the world, or is it a form of psychological healing? How can one reconcile modern scientific theory with ancient religious teachings? What is our role in the universe? Loy shows us that neither Buddhism nor secular society by itself is sufficient to answer these questions. Instead, he investigates the unexpected intersections of the two. Through this exchange, he uncovers a new Buddhist way, one that is faithful to the important traditions of Buddhism but compatible with modernity. This way, we can see the world as it is truly is, realize our indivisibility from it, and learn that the world’s problems are our problems. This is a new path for a new world.

Loy is the author of A New Buddhist Path: Enlightenment, Evolution, and Ethics in the Modern World.

For more about David Loy, visit his website here.