How the Dharma Center is Funded

The Dharma Center team is committed to being good stewards of your generosity and providing complete financial transparency. Click on this red text to see the BDC’s 2016 income and expense numbers, and projections for 2017:  

BDC 2016 & 2017 Income and Expenses

From 2015 to 2016:
Attendance to our sanghas’ meetings, programs and
drop-in meditations increased 23%
total income increased almost 35%,
from $53,190 to $71,793.


The support the Dharma Center has received has enabled us to offer Buddhist teachings and practices as freely as possible, which is central to our mission and dear to our hearts. In 2016, we gave out $3,945 in scholarships and fee reductions to our retreats, and $3,829 in Dana to visiting teachers.


Your contributions directly enable us to collectively maintain this sacred space and offer the solace of practice to the community.

Please consider making a donation through our Donate Page.

Thank You!

to all those who contribute funds, time, energy and participation to this collective effort.  
We’re here because of you!