Upcoming Events
at the Dharma Center

These listings are color coded:
Insight Meditation events are in Blue,
Zen events are in Black
and Tibetan Events are in Maroon.
Green listings are multi-lineage events.
(These color codings are for reference as to the lineage source or orientation of the teacher, but all events are open to all practitioners.)

An Evening with Kamala Masters
and Bonnie Duran 

Thursday, February 15th
7:00 – 8:30 pm

A special session of the Bozeman Insight Community with Kamala Masters and Bonnie Duran which is open to the general public.  All are welcome to drop in and hear teachings from these visiting teachers.

For more information on the complete weekend, please click here.


Passion and Compassion

February 23
7:00 pm


Compassion, literally with passion, is at the heart of the caregiving process and is the essence of all great religions. Without compassion, contact with suffering will eventually lead to burnout. With compassion, our open heart meets suffering, the suffering within each or us and the suffering that is all around each of us. This movement is the movement from contraction to spaciousness, from judgment to connectedness and requires all of our passion. How alive are we willing to be? In our culture, compassion for self is mostly ignored and compassion for others is confused with pity.  We don’t have to be Mother Teresa to find joy in working with suffering. We are all caregivers. There is a joy that goes beyond happiness and sadness, wellness and illness, even beyond life and death. Compassion is our true nature. Life becomes incredibly simple when we experience this truth. Please join us for this Friday night talk, open to the public, featuring Dr. Dale Borglum, founder of the Living/Dying Project. Co-sponsored with Mountains of Courage.

Community Potluck

Saturday, March 3
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Beall Park Art Center

Come one, come all to share a festive and social evening to build community.
 Bring a dish to share, some beverages, your ice skates, the family…
Very kid friendly!
We hope to see you there.

All people