Here are things that we could use some help with right away! Thanks!

Volunteers will help with Community Outreach efforts by the Bozeman Dharma Center.  Currently this primarily includes serving at the Community Cafe on the first Friday of the month.  Those who have signed up will receive an email asking for volunteers about ten days before the first Friday of each month.

Provide a space to stay for out of town guest(s) attending a weekend retreat at the BDC.  If you volunteer, you'll be put on a list to be called as a possible host when retreat participants need accommodation.  We are already getting calls for accommodation for the Masters-Duran retreat in February!

This is an ongoing position, but we need help right away. We have hundreds of books that have been purchased and donated by our friends and various sanghas. The librarian organizes the shelves, keeps track of borrowed books, and checks books back in.  She could use some help!