Jill Shepherd: BIC Guest Speaker

June 23, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Online offering only

Befriending the Mind

with Jill Shepherd
Special Guest at Bozeman Insight Community

Thursday, June 23
via ZOOM!
7-8:30 PM

One common misperception of meditation is that it aims to stop thinking, but the true purpose of insight meditation is to develop a more skillful relationship to every aspect of our experience, including our thoughts and emotions.

During this talk, Jill Shepherd helps us explore some ways to let go of unhelpful mental habits and to cultivate helpful ones: states of heart and mind that lead to greater ease, happiness, peace and freedom.

About the Teacher

Jill Shepherd began practicing insight meditation in Thailand in 1999, and since that time has lived and worked at several meditation centers and monasteries in the US, Australia, England, and Thailand.

Currently, she divides her time mostly between the USA, Australia and New Zealand, teaching vipassana and brahmavihara retreats and offering ongoing study and practice groups focused on bringing the dharma into daily life.  She also leads courses and non-residential workshops exploring the relational practice of Insight Dialogue, as developed by Gregory Kramer and colleagues.

For more, see her website here, or listen to one of her hundreds of dharma talks and guided meditations on Dharmaseed.