ONLINE Offerings by Guest Teacher Tempel Smith

The Four Noble Qualities of the Heart

Wednesdays, May 27 – June 17
7 – 8:30 PM

The Buddha taught four limitless expressions of a free heart called the Brahma Viharas: loving-kindness, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity. These warm, clear, and expansive qualities of heart are natural fruits of the practice and tastes of freedom and awakening. Within these four Brahma Viharas are many other beautiful tones of heart such as gratitude, forgiveness, loyalty, generosity, etc. We will practice and develop one Brahma Vihara per week.

May 27: Loving-Kindness – Metta
June 3: Compassion – Karuna
June 10: Empathetic Joy – Mudita
June 17: Equanimity – Upekkha