This is a list of all (half-day, day-long, and weekend) retreats happening at the Bozeman Dharma Center in the near future.  This page is updated frequently.

Unless otherwise noted, weekend retreats begin at 7 pm on Friday evening and end at 4 or 5 pm on Sunday afternoon.  They are not residential.  Housing for out-of-town participants is usually available upon request. A list of resources for out of town guests can be found here.

Compassion Practice Morning

Saturday, January 19
9 AM – 11:45 AM

with Suzanne Colón
Leader, Bozeman Insight Community

The day is designed for anyone to come enjoy the warmth of shared practice and experiment with new meditations. No prior experience of any kind is necessary. Participants are also welcome to ignore the guidance offered and do whatever practice they might prefer, as in a “normal” drop in silent sit.

Join us for all or as much of this open practice period as you’d like. Due to the guided practices, we prefer that you come and go during the breaks if possible.

The morning will be held in noble silence. Suggested donation $10 per hour attended.

9 – 9:40 Breathing Meditation guided for comfort and self-nurture (“affectionate” breathing)
10 – 10:40 Self-Nurture Meditation (Sometimes called “Soften Soothe Allow”)
11 – 11:40 Guided Metta or Kindness meditation for friends, self, community and world.
11:45 End

Dependent Origination

February 1-3

Weekend Retreat with Carol Blotter


What makes me tick?  Why do I keep getting caught up in behaviors that create so much suffering?  Who am I really?  If there is no self, who is suffering?

If you have wondered about these or other questions around how to break the patterns that cause suffering, then consider joining us for the upcoming retreat on Dependent Origination (also known as the Law of Conditionality).

This important teaching explains the creation of suffering as a looping chain of events that perpetuates craving and the illusion of a self.  During this weekend retreat, we will discern how this dependently originated cycle occurs and how we get stuck in perpetuating the sense of unsatisfactoriness and the illusion of an independent permanent self.  We’ll also explore two ways to break the cycle.

This is a Dharma Center offering in the Insight Meditation tradition. More information here.

You and Your Soul are Separating

Saturday, February 16
8:30 am – 1 pm

with Karen DeCotis

Join the Bozeman Zen Group with priest, Karen DeCotis, for this half-day of practice which will include sitting and walking meditation and investigation of an ancient koan and our own split selves. All welcome!

Save the Date!

  • Upcoming Retreats
    • Entering the Stream with Floyd Fantelli, Saturday March 2.
    • Dharma as a Vehicle for Overcoming Addiction with Dave Smith, Saturday March 30; 9 am – 5 pm.
    • Weekend retreat with Bruce Tift, April 26-28.