An Evening with Dave Smith

Thursday, October 17; 7-8:30 PM

Dave will be the guest at the Insight Community’s weekly meeting. He will give an intro, guide a meditation practice and then share stories of what brought him to meditation and instilled confidence and commitment to this path. Join us for this informal evening getting to know Dave.

The Dharma as a Vehicle for Overcoming Addiction

with Dave Smith

Friday, October 18; 7-9 PM

Over the last two decades, many people have experienced success integrating mindfulness and Buddhism into their process of recovery from all forms of addictive behaviors. In this talk, Dave explores how Buddhist philosophies and mindfulness practices have been recognized and implemented as a verifiable approach to treating all forms of addiction including the many ways Buddhist teachings can be used as tools for recovery.

This event is appropriate for anyone who has interest in the topic. All are welcome.