Please note, all of our events are currently happening online through Zoom. Scroll down to see all our upcoming retreats, classes, and workshops listed in chronological order.

Intro to Meditation

Three Wednesdays: January 13, 20, 27
7 – 8:30 PM

with Suzanne Colón

This class will teach basic mindfulness meditation practice using Insight or Vipassana  meditation technique from the Theravada tradition. Theravada is oldest of the three major Buddhist lineages. This practice is compatible with Zen, Tibetan  practices and Christian contemplative prayer, in that it offers the foundational tools for establishing and maintaining moment-to-moment awareness of the body and mind.

What Is Still True?

Saturday, January 16
9AM – 4 PM

Day of Mindfulness
with Patsy Murphy.

COVID-19 and the transition of administrations are weighing heavily upon us. So, what is still true? The mountains are standing, we are shoveling snow and watching the sunrise and set, we’re making meals and washing dishes, connecting with loved ones and much more. No matter the discord and distance – we are all connected.  The interconnectedness among all of us is one of the most powerful teachings of all.

Guest teacher, Patsy Murphy trained in the three main Western Buddhist lineages, guides us in a day of practice in order to cultivate a sense of agency, to understand that a range of responses is open to us. We will practice to remember to breathe, to have space in the midst of adversity to recall our values, what we really care about – and to find support in our inner strength, and in one another. We will practice restorative stretches and movement, guided meditation and will take time for meals, journaling, quiet, walking, reflection and journaling.

Exploring Our Shadows

with Diane Hamilton

Tuesday, January 19
7-9 PM

Meditation impacts our relationship to our own identity. We notice the grip on self-image relax. We identify more easily with others including people, plant and animal life, and all sentient beings. Meditation can help us look at shadow material or the parts of ourselves that we would rather not identify with. In this session, we will explore the idea of shadow, exploring the shadow of the masculine and the shadow of the feminine parts of ourselves. Please join.

Honoring Women Ancestors

with Karen DeCotis and Wendy Roberts

Two Mondays, 7 – 8:15 PM
January 25
February 22

The Bozeman Zen Group is offering talks on Female Ancestors in the Buddhist tradition. Please join Wendy Roberts and Karen DeCotis for a rich dive into the lives of women who brought forth the Buddhadharma with vigor, commitment and wisdom. There will lecture/presentation, question and answer, reflection and dialogue. Don’t miss out on these amazing people who have transmitted the light of the Dharma. During the regular Bozeman Zen Group meeting, no registration required, all gender identities and Buddhist traditions welcome. To join a meeting, please use meeting number 958-657-6266 or this link. If you are asked for a passcode, use 108108. These talks are part of the BDC’s Women in Buddhism series. Click here for other offerings in this series.

The Dharma Center provides a safe and inclusive environment for anyone and everyone to pursue the cultivation of wisdom and compassion.