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Provide a space to stay for out of town guest(s) attending a weekend retreat at the BDC.  If you volunteer, you'll be put on a list to be called as a possible host when retreat participants need accommodation.

Bell ringers open the center for the one-hour, drop-in sits, welcome others, begin and end the sit by ringing the bell, and stay until the participants leave.

The BDC remains beautiful due to the commitment of all who come here by being aware of cleaning up after ourselves, removing shoes, sweeping off meditation mats and fluffing the cushions etc. There is a also a group of generous volunteers who give to the Center by doing "work practice" and clean the Center weekly.  Each of the three main Sanghas take turns providing the flowers that beautify the Center.  If you are interested in serving by being a sub on the cleaning committee, we would be very grateful.

Volunteers will help with Community Outreach efforts by the Bozeman Dharma Center.  Currently this primarily includes serving at the Community Cafe on the first Friday of the month.  Those who have signed up will receive an email asking for volunteers about ten days before the first Friday of each month.

We need help from time to time to set up events such as retreats or public talks. This might involves arranging cushions, chairs, tables and other equipment, preparing the kitchen area, manning a registration table, and any extra help to get the space ready for the event.

The Facilities person needs to be familiar with programming and setting the thermostat, setting up the speaker and microphone systems, and how to set up the TV and computer for streaming.  This person may be asked to educate event leaders on these systems.

The Finance Team cares for the financial health and well-being of the BDC.  If you have experience with QuickBooks or fundraising or would just like to help out, we would love to have you on our team!

Volunteers provide (can be reimbursed by the BDC), arrange, and care for flowers for a one week period.  Each residential sangha is assigned one month to be responsible for flowers and volunteers from each respective sangha sign up for a week (or more) during that month.

We need people to host our Saturday Streamings from Spirit Rock, which involves setting up the TV and computer, logging in online and being a host for the day to those who attend.  The day can be split between two hosts, as 9 am – 4:30 pm is a lot of time to volunteer.  We offer periodic trainings to those who’d like to see what’s involved and consider this form of much-needed support.

We have hundreds of books that have been purchased and donated by our friends and various sanghas. The librarian organizes the shelves, keeps track of borrowed books, and checks books back in.

The Marketing committee needs help submitting event information to online community calendars.  This takes an estimated 1-3 hours/month. 

This volunteer position can involve 1-3 people or more! It entails coming to the BDC, getting the posters, and putting them up around town.  You can pick one or more areas to flyer in.  This takes an estimated 1-3 hours a month depending on how many others are posting.