Facilitator Information for Mindful Creativity Group

A facilitator is the lead teacher for a specific module within the Mindful Creativity Group (MCG) of the Bozeman Dharma Center (BDC). Please carefully read the following information.

Facilitator Criteria

  • Have an established practice at a dharma center with a teacher for at least six months.
  • Have attended at least one weekend retreat at an established dharma center.
  • Have substantial experience practicing and teaching the art form you will be facilitating.
  • Are able to base creative activity upon Buddhist teachings/precepts.
  • Have a commitment to the MCG and passion for its existence and maintenance.
  • Are willing to work patiently and openly with the MCG leaders and the BDC board. 
  • Understand that this is a volunteer position and will donate your time without monetary compensation.

Role of the Facilitator

  • Lead the creative activity and hold the structure of the meeting time 
  • Develop a procedural schedule for the meeting time
  • Obtain any materials needed (can be reimbursed)
  • Liaise with staff regarding activity description and materials fees
  • Arrive early and open up the space
  • Greet attendees and answer any questions
  • Are responsible for restoring BDC to its standard setting
  • Are responsible for safety and security for space from when BDC is opened until closed
  • Restrict access to office area, keep door closed – only BDC leaders use office space

Any sessions using (potentially messy) art materials will be held in BDC foyer: All care will be taken to reduce risk of damage to furnishings and surfaces from art materials. Only writing materials are allowed in the meditation hall (no bottled ink or fountain pens). Facilitator and MCG leaders are responsible for damage to furnishings and surfaces.

Suggested meeting structure

(Times listed are approximate)

  • Welcome/introduction (5 minutes), to include standard announcement and dana announcement
  • Meditation (10-20 minutes)
  • Introduction to creative activity.  All creative modules must be based on Buddha’s teachings and the connection to the Buddha’s teachings should be overtly made. (10-15 minutes)
  • Creative activity (Time will vary)
  • Group sharing on the experience of practice or the reading (10+ minutes)
  • Clean up/restore standard facility arrangements (15 minutes)
  • Closing sit and Dedication of Merit (5 minutes)

Application to Facilitate

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