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Returning to the essentials of the practice

with Tempel Smith

Special Guest at Bozeman Insight Community
Thursday, May 12
7 – 8:30 PM
In-Person and via Zoom

Tempel Smith is back in Bozeman! Join Tempel and the Bozeman Insight Community to start or re-invigorate your practice. We will meet in the Sanctuary of PIlgrim Congregational Church or join us via Zoom with meeting number 958-657-6266 (or use the link below).

From Equanimity to Action

Daylong retreat
with Tempel Smith

Sunday, May 22
10 AM- 3:30 PM
Beall Park Arts Center

Image: Margit Bantowsky on Unsplash

Many of us become overextended in our lives from all we care about, and often we cannot help but shut down to find a low grade sense of calm. We can get caught between the extremes of aggravation and agitation, and numbness and exhaustion. There is a balance point named by the Buddha as the divine sanctuary of equanimity. Open to all the world without reactivity, equanimity is a sacred space of heart from which beautiful actions arise from benevolence, compassion, and celebration. As people engage with the world we need to develop this wisdom to sustain ourselves. Join Tempel Smith for this daylong retreat in discovering and developing equanimity in order to care for the world without burnout or constant agitation. 

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