Behind the Scenes

Except for one part-time employee, the Dharma center is run by a volunteer staff and board.  We are practitioners in these Buddhist traditions who would like to see this space maintained to provide a sanctuary for Buddhist practice in the Bozeman community.

Current Board Members

Steve Barkley – President, Liaison to the Insight Community
Marilyn Raffensperger
Ellen Sagmyr – Vice President, Liaison to Dharmata
Shelly Saunders
Sandi Simons – Liaison to the Bozeman Zen Group
Steve Wallingford – Treasurer

Dharma Center Coordinator

Michãel Palmer

Programming Committee

Karen DeCotis
Rose Toth
Ash Schoep
Amy Strom

Marketing Committee

Michãel Palmer (Chair) – website, flyers, and event submissions
Suzanne Colón – website support
Kallee Brownlee, Shannon Keene, Andy Weisbeck – flyer posting
Kelsie Helberg – monthly newsletter
Jenny McCune – FaceBook coordinator
Shelly Saunders, advertising & fundraising

Finance Committee

Steve Wallingford (Chair) – Oversight, Bookkeeping and Quickbooks
Marilyn Raffensperger
Ellen Sagmyr
Melissa Dulin – Fundraising consultant

Outreach Committee

Ron Davis
Kerry Neal
Amy Strom
Elise Strong


Rose Toth

Bell Ringers for Drop-In sits

Sandra Brug, Genevieve Calmes, Casey Cassidy, Marsha Christensen, Sheila Devitt, Cyndi Fonda, Philip Gaines, Vicki Rich, Mem Schultz, Amy Strom, Elise Strong, Rose Toth  … and more.
Special thanks to each of these volunteers for their long-term service in providing this essential program.

Care, Cleaning and Beautification of our Space:

 Sheila Devitt (Chair), Kelsie Helberg, Johanna Rosenbohm,
Dani Hess, Casey Cassidy, Carol Orlandini, Janet Norstrand,Erica Guralnick, Brianna Beswick, and Michãel Palmer

Additional Staff

Bell-ringer coordinator, database support: Casey Cassidy
Facilities maintenance and trouble-shooting: Jim Cole

Flower Care and Arranging:

Rose Toth, Bear McKay, Mary Bartlo, Vicki Rich, Floyd Fantelli, Nicole Boyles, Mem Schultz, Sheila Devitt, Joanne Dornan, Doris Loeser, Suzanne Colón, Marsha Christensen, Jim & Joy Cole, Glenn & Yoshi Colclough and others – thank you!!


The Bozeman Dharma Center was founded in July 2013 by Mem Schultz, Susan Morgan, Alice Robison and Suzanne Colón. They are grateful to the efforts of Sheila Devitt and many others who held a vision for a designated space for meditation in this community.  Together with the leaders of the Insight Community and the Bozeman Zen Group, they created a shared home for Buddhist practice in Bozeman.

We Run on Generosity!
Many thanks to all who help support the center with time, care, funds and attendance.


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