What is Dana?

“Generosity brings happiness at every stage of its expression. We experience joy in forming the intention to be generous.  We experience joy in the actual act of giving something. And we experience joy in remembering the fact that we have given.”


Dana is the Pali term for the practice of generosity; of giving one’s resources, energy and support to others. It is completely voluntary, usually with no specified or suggested amount. Each person gives as they are moved and able, as an expression of their gratitude and values. This dana practice is what has sustained the spread and support of the Dharma for 2600 years 

Generosity is the very heart of the Buddhist path. The Buddha’s teachings on dana are some of the most exquisite and important he gave.  The Buddha did not instruct us to give to others as if it’s a noble idea, something we “should” do.  He taught that generosity creates a happy heart and a serene mind, and is the first step in a path toward joy and compassion.

 Acts of generosity create an open, giving heart which not only bring us happiness and a stronger sense of community, but also establish an optimal environment for our meditation practice. The Buddha taught that generosity and integrity support the inner practice, and as the practice develops insight and compassion, we naturally express it outwardly through generosity.

 Generosity is the starting point, the means and a fruit of this noble path to awakening.

As a nonprofit, we rely largely entirely on donations, pledges and gifts to run our center. When you offer dana, consider taking a moment to connect with your gratitude or intentions for wisdom and compassion to flourish in the world. May your generosity bring you joy!

“Dana is not a plea or directive to ‘give,’
Dana is the natural and joyful expression of a giving heart.”
– Theravada teacher GloriaTaraniya Ambrosia


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Fees for Programs at the Center

 It is central to the Buddhist tradition that the teachings be offered freely. Any costs or registration fees for programs at the Center go to cover teacher expenses, rent and insurance—the basic costs of maintaining the space and bringing teachers to Bozeman.

 The teachings are offered freely and those participating freely offer a gift of Dana to the teacher to express gratitude and ensure that the teachings may be given again to others.