Bozeman Dharma Center
Guidelines for engaging political, social and economic

topics, issues and actions


We welcome and encourage political discourse, and consider it a form of practice.

With the intention of creating a safe refuge where all beings – the vulnerable among them – are held in safety, we ask of each other these commitments:

• To listen to others’ views and opinions with an accepting presence
• To not assume our community is in agreement about certain politicians, parties or pieces of legislation.
• To be respectful of all views during discussions held at sangha or program meetings
• To discuss how Buddhist practice supports us through divisive and challenging times


We ask sangha and program leaders to address and counter-balance comments coming from an “us-vs-them” point of view.
The BDC will not endorse a specific party or politician or display material that is related to political action.
We encourage dharma practitioners to take action in the world.
Engaged Buddhism directs us to take the wisdom and compassion of our personal practice and make a commitment to alleviate suffering in the world.
In these challenging times, recognition of the inherent worth of every sentient being is essential, and the need to be a part of a supportive community is stronger than ever.


It is our intention to offer the BDC as a sanctuary
for all to awaken together.

May all beings be free,
and may our actions contribute wholeheartedly to that freedom.


Please also see our Statement of Values: Spiritual Sanctuary and Refuge page