Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering what to expect at Bozeman Dharma Center?  Here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

How do I get in?

The Bozeman Dharma Center is located at 3810 Valley Commons Dr. Please use the building’s main entrance and then go upstairs by elevator or stairs and turn to your left.  We are tucked away in the corner.

Do I need to bring a cushion?

The Dharma Center has many zafu cushions, mats, some meditation benches and chairs. If you have a cushion you would prefer to use, you may bring it along with Crazy Creek-style camp chairs or back-jack supports to lean on during talks and discussions.

May I bring food and drinks?

Most events at the BDC provide tea or water.  Often retreats will have some light snacks available. Lunch for day-long events/retreats is usually not provided. Please enjoy food in the foyer, but do not bring it into the meditation hall. Water and herbal tea are okay in the hall in closable containers. Note that this changes when Gallatin County is in a state of high COVID transmission.

What should I wear?

We suggest casual, loose and comfortable clothing. Shoes are not worn in the meditation hall; please leave them on the shoe racks provided by the front door.

What NOT to wear?

Please avoid wearing scented products even”natural” and “herbal” ones!  This includes shampoos and conditioners and clothing that has been washed in fragranced detergent. People with fragrance sensitivities are attending and will need this support from all of us in order to be in the room. We aim for a fragrance free meditation hall.  THANK YOU!

Where can I put my belongings?

Shoes and coats can be left in the foyer or lobby of the BDC.  Other personal belongings may be left with your shoes/coat or brought into the meditation hall.

Is there a policy for electronic devices?

We ask that all cell phones and other electronic devices be muted while you are at the BDC.

Do I need to bow?

Many people bow as they enter the meditation hall as a sign of respect.  Different groups have different forms to enter and exit the hall.  Individuals in these groups will be happy to instruct you on their forms. You do not have to bow if you do not want to.

Can anyone check out a book?

Yes, the lending library is available for all to use.  Please write your name, the date, and the title of the book that you are checking out on the sign out sheet located on a small table near the bookcases.  We ask that you try to return the books within 4 weeks.  The return basket and sign out sheet is located on a table to the right of the bookshelves.

What is dana?

Dana is a voluntary, anonymous offering of no specified amount.  The teachings are considered priceless and are offered freely and in return we support the teachers with dana.  The Bozeman Dharma Center does not pay any of the teachers who lead our retreats and classes.  If you are able, please offer whatever amount feels right to you given your circumstances and brings you joy. It’s a beautiful, time-honored way to support teachers, pay the gift of their teachings forward and sustain the unfolding of wisdom and compassion in our world.

Do I have to give dana if I’ve already paid for the retreat or class?

Dana is a separate offering from the registration fee.  The amount you contribute for registration helps cover the expenses of putting on the event (and helps us offer scholarships to your fellow participants).  We always provide a sliding scale registration fee which may help you budget for both registration costs and a dana contribution.