The Bozeman Dharma Center’s mission is to provide a welcoming, supportive, and peaceful refuge for all who suffer and seek to experience their innate true nature of wisdom, compassion and liberation through the timeless teachings of the Buddha for the benefit of all beings.

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  • Zen half-day sit
    Because regular retreat practice is a cornerstone of Zen practice, the Bozeman Zen Group offers half-day sittings throughout the year, as well as weekend retreats. Join us for the next half-day sit on Sunday, June 11 for periods of sitting and walking meditation. Appropriate for beginners who wish to try a retreat practice opportunity as well as for experienced practitioners to deepen […]
  • Newcomer Orientation
    Not sure how to begin your practice or what the BDC is about? Join us at 5 PM on the first Tuesday of each month for an orientation to the Center and basic meditation instruction! That’s coming up on June 6!!
  • The Dharma’s Gift of a Second Chance
    This Dharma Thought is offered by Steve Allison-Bunnell with the Joining Rivers Sangha in the Plum Village Tradition. I hope that someday my practice will help me avoid speaking in anger more often. Until then, I take refuge in Thay’s teaching of Beginning Anew, the practice for repairing damage to a relationship. I needed to do that recently. While I […]
  • Stories of Stuff
    This Dharma Thought about our Stories of Stuff is brought to you by Steve Allison-Bunnell with the Joining Rivers Sangha. Two elder family members are both confronting their relationship to possessions. One is leaving the home they’ve lived in for 55 years, filled with family treasures and “this might be useful someday,” but has been disappointed that many heirlooms have […]

Resident Sanghas

Bozeman Insight Community
7-8:30 pm
In Person & Zoom
10:30-11:30 am
Online only.

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Bozeman Zen Group
8:00-9:15 am
Online only
5-6:30 pm
In Person only
6-6:30 am
Online only.
M, Tu, Th, F:
5:30-6:15 pm
In person

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Joining Rivers Sangha

7-8:30 pm

In Person.

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Palyul Sangha

1st & 3rd Sundays
10 am-Noon

In Person & Zoom.

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More Practice Opportunities


6:30-7:45 pm

In Person.
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Tergar Bozeman: Joy of Living Practice Group
5:30- 7 pm

In person & on Zoom.
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Noon Sits

12-1 pm

In Person.
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Upcoming Events

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