Why Meditate?

Why are the practices of Mindfulness, Kindness and Compassion worth your time, and what benefits might they bring to you?

Here is a collection of video clips from Buddhist meditation teachers answering the question “Why Meditate?”

  1. First, a quirky compilation of the research-backed physical benefits in this
    The Scientific Power of Meditation: (3 minutes at a breakneck pace, from ASAP science) Click this link
  2. Tibetan monk Mattieu Ricard, author of the book “Why Meditate?” gives a short description of meditation as a beneficial training of the mind. Click here
  3. Meditation teacher Shinzen Young outlines the five basic categories of the benefits of meditation reaped over time. Click here and scroll down to the clip labeled Why Meditate
    1. Suffer less, meet life’s inevitable pain with more ease and well-being
    2. Elevation of fulfillment – experience small pleasures with enormous satisfaction
    3. Insight into self understanding – know who you are are the deepest level
    4. Tool for making objective changes in behavior – work with addictions and make positive behavioral change
    5. Develop a natural orientation toward serving others, from a spontaneous, effortless love for the world
  4. Lastly, we recommend this recording of Tara Brach‘s Intro to Meditation Class titled “Do You Make Regular Visits to Yourself?” which weaves in many benefits, and addresses the pit-falls of self-judgement and expectations of doing it “well” or “badly.”  (up to 16:15 minutes) Click here