BDC Goals & Vision

We are grateful to the Bozeman Dharma Center community for participating in our Maha-sangha/Community meetings in November 2022. Between the conversations and the worksheets, the Board of Directors gathered great information about how you, as our community, feel we are doing and where you see the BDC going.

Summary of community meetings

We listened to you and here are the topics you raised:

  • For the BDC to reach the wider Gallatin community – be a known place for meditation
  • Have thriving sanghas with clarity around similarities and differences among the Buddhist lineages here
  • More financial and organizational transparency of BDC to community is wanted
  • Who might be missing from our community – outreach is important
  • Constraints of time and resource to attend programming – what prevents volunteerism
  • The need and wish for a permanent home for the BDC
  • Flexibility in the dana (generosity/donation) structure so all feel welcome
  • Issues with Zoom and hybrid programming.

In December of 2022, the Board of Directors held an all-day retreat. We captured thoughts, ideas and plans around programs, donations, transparency, leadership, growing participation, and volunteerism. With visions for what BDC would look like by 2026, the Board set goals for 2023 – a one-year plan as well as a three-year plan.

Three Year Goals (Aspiration & Vision)

By 2026:

  • The Gallatin Valley knows the Bozeman Dharma Center
  • Practitioners find their place under the collective umbrella of Buddhist practice
  • The BDC and the individual sanghas thrive with emphasis on
    • Service to the community
    • Volunteer activity for the BDC
    • Strong and compassionate oversight and governance
    • Robust giving among sangha practitioners
    • Full spectrum of Buddhist programming, classes, retreats and visiting teachers

Steps to Get Us There