This is a list of all (half-day, day-long, and weekend) Buddhist meditation retreats happening at the Bozeman Dharma Center in the near future. 

Unless otherwise noted, weekend retreats are not residential.  Housing for out-of-town participants is usually available upon request. A list of resources for out of town guests can be found here. Commonly asked questions that can help prepare for a retreat can be found on our FAQ page.

Whole or Broken

Entering the non-dual within our dualistic life

with Karen DeCotis

Saturday, February 8
8:30 AM – 1 PM

Staring down from the bridge
at the moon
broken up
in the river, who
could know, without looking
up, it stands whole above
its shattered self.
Recognition by Tess Gallagher

Join the Bozeman Zen Group for a morning of sitting, walking, reflecting and dialoguing. All are welcome. $15 suggested donation,Tea and food at 8:00 am and mid- morning. Private interviews with the teacher available

Sixteen Simple Steps to Calm the Mind and Heart

Anapanasati Sutta on Mindfulness of Breathing

with Floyd Fantelli

Saturday, February 29
9 AM – 4:30 PM

During this daylong retreat we will practice and reflect on one of the most important Buddhist discourses on mindful breathing. But it’s much more than that! The sixteen individual meditation practices provides us clear and comprehensive instructions on both calming the mind and heart as well as insight into impermanence, suffering, and causes and conditions that affect our attitudes toward life and death.

This daylong is open to all, especially “serious beginners”. No meditation experience is required. I hope you can attend and share this day and these teachings with us. This daylong retreat will be led by Floyd Fantelli, guiding teacher for Bozeman Insight Community. Please plan on attending the entire day. See you then!

Tempel Smith Residential Retreat

May 17 – May 22

Bozeman Insight Community is excited to bring Tempel Smith back to Bozeman this spring! Information regarding registration and logistics for this residential retreat can be found here.