This is a list of all (half-day, day-long, and weekend) Buddhist meditation retreats happening at the Bozeman Dharma Center in the near future. 

Please note, we are still not holding in-person events at the Bozeman Dharma Center. We will resume scheduling in-person classes once the COVID-19 threat has passed. All of our events are currently happening through Zoom.

Meditation as an Act of Love

September 25, 7-9 PM

with Anushka Fernandopulle

The weekend retreat has been postponed, but Anushka will still host an evening on this topic. To join, please use Zoom meeting number 958-657-6266 or this link. When we develop meditation as loving awareness, we cultivate a way of life that is a beautiful way to live and that develops wisdom and balance. This kind, gentle awareness brings mindfulness and metta (Kindness) practice together as one. We pay attention well to what we love and we learn to be present with a warm, open view for whatever shows up. Join us to explore meditation as an act of love. This event is part of our Women in Buddhism series. See other offerings within this series here.

Ecstatic Awakening:
Going Beyond Hope and Fear

October 9-10

with Dana Marsh

In this unprecedented time, so many people are experiencing lives filled with hope and fear. We can use skillful methods to deal with our emotions and to transcend our limited ideas.Tibetan Buddhism uses multiple means to meet the needs of varied propensities in the minds of beings. Some of these methods are elaborated while others are completely free of elaboration as expressed in the non-dual teachings, all of which are designed to wake us up to our true nature. Dana Marsh will give participants an opportunity to experience the power of creative visualizations, prayer, mantra, and the liberating power of resting in open awareness. The retreat will include time for group discussion, meditation, and questions. This event is part of our Women in Buddhism series. See other offerings within this series here.

Unless otherwise noted, weekend retreats are not residential.  Housing for out-of-town participants is usually available upon request. A list of resources for out of town guests can be found here. Commonly asked questions that can help prepare for a retreat can be found on our FAQ page.