Upcoming Classes at the Dharma Center

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Please remember to avoid fragrances and scented products of any kind when attending classes, groups or events at the Dharma Center.  (This includes strong laundry soap fragrances which remain in your clothing.)  Many people have fragrance allergies or chemical sensitivities and we ask your support in providing a fragrance-free environment.  Thank you!

Intro to Meditation

Wednesdays, January 22, 29
7 – 8:30 PM

with Floyd Fantelli

This class series, led by Floyd Fantelli, guiding teacher of the Bozeman Insight Community, will teach basic mindfulness meditation practice using Insight or Vipassana Meditation technique from the Theravada tradition. Theravada is oldest of the three major Buddhist lineages. This practice is compatible with Zen, Tibetan practices and Christian contemplative prayer, in that it offers the foundational tools for establishing and maintaining moment-to-moment awareness of the body and mind. Suggested donation $5-$20 per class session; no one turned away for lack of funds.

Buddhism Basics

Wednesdays, February 12, 19
7 – 8:30 PM

with Karen DeCotis

Meditation is practiced in many spiritual traditions. What is unique about Buddhism? Is it a philosophy, a religion or something in between? Led by Karen DeCotis of the Bozeman Zen Group, this 2 week dive into the heart of Buddhism will offer the central teachings of this 2500 year old tradition. Each of the two classes will have presentation, meditation, history, question and answer, dialogue. Great for those new to meditation and Buddhist practice. Seasoned practitioners are warmly encouraged as well. Suggested donation $5-$20 per class session; no one turned away for lack of funds.

Our Streamed Programs are also highly recommended for beginners or those relatively new to these practices.  These are offered without prior registration- come and check it out, leave when you want or need to.  For more on these pre-recorded workshops please click here…

The Dharma Center provides a safe and inclusive environment for anyone and everyone to pursue the cultivation of wisdom and compassion.