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Please remember to avoid fragrances and scented products of any kind when attending classes, groups or events at the Dharma Center.  (This includes strong laundry soap fragrances which remain in your clothing.)  Many people have fragrance allergies or chemical sensitivities and we ask your support in providing a fragrance-free environment.  Thank you!

Buddhist Qigong

October 17, 24, 31; November 7

led by Dr. Ron Davis

In the qigong world, the morning hours are considered to be the “fresh breath of the day.” The air is clear and the world is awakening to all possibilities. The qigong movements in this practice will gently loosen your body, the meditations will center your thoughts as preparation for the day ahead, and the internal energy cultivation will enhance your mental and physical activities. For these reasons and more, practicing qigong in the morning may be the very best way to start your day.

No qigong or meditation experience is necessary. The movements and sitting postures are always done within your comfort zone. This sequence of Buddhist Qigong practice is arranged as a journey from the outer world of muscle and bone to the inner landscape of equanimity and peace.

This workshop will include selected standing and seated Buddhist-inspired Qigong
exercises from the Eight Brocades, Bone Marrow Cleansing and Tantrayana
practices. Participants will learn a three phase practice that includes External
(waigong), Internal (neigong), and Esoteric (tantrayana) qigong methods forbody/mind/spirit unity.

Ron Davis has practiced and taught qigong since 1986. “Buddhist Qigong” is a comprehensive offering that establishes a somatic and energetic foundation for contemplative practice. More information about Dr. Ron and qigong is available at thehealthmovemt.com.

Our Streamed Programs are also highly recommended for beginners or those relatively new to these practices.  These are offered without prior registration- come and check it out, leave when you want or need to.  For more on these pre-recorded workshops please click here…

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