Why Volunteer at the BDC?

The spirit of generosity and service guides all aspects of the Bozeman Dharma Center’s vision and operations. When we give of our time and energy to the BDC, it bestows benefit to both the giver and the receiver.

Some benefits are:

  • Experiencing  profound joy through helping others
  • Playing a part in helping the BDC propagate the Dharma
  • Cultivating the  Bodhisattva way of benefiting oneself while helping others
  • Learning to work harmoniously with others
  • Cultivating  tolerance, patience, and compassion
  • Embodying interconnectedness and encouraging non-attachment
  • Practicing sharing and letting go
  • Making new friends and meeting fellow meditators
  • Being part of a ‘sangha,’ or community
  • Helping to support and sustain the BDC’s teachers and retreatants
  • Exploring the integration of work and dharma practice
  • Sharing expertise and knowledge
  • Assisting with a special retreat or project
  • Having FUN!

We are grateful for all of our volunteers- for however much time can be offered. In turn, the BDC works to ensure that you are appreciated, supported, and engaged in ways that are meaningful.

Bozeman Dharma Center meditation center in bozeman montana

Please email volunteer@bozemandharmacenter.org if you are interested in helping out in any of these ways.

Thank you for considering giving your time to support the Dharma in Bozeman!