New Year, New Beginnings

January 8, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Pilgrim Congregational Church, Boyd Room
2118 S 3rd Ave

New Year, New Beginnings

Saturday, January 8
9 AM – 1 PM

Boyd Room of Pilgrim Congregational Church

with Suzanne Colón

The New Year is often a time of goal setting, clarifying plans for self-improvement and resolving to “do better” with habits that don’t serve us well. At the same time, our mindfulness and self-compassion practices invite us to accept ourselves as we are. This half-day retreat will return to that perennial paradox: how do we love ourselves as we are and also endeavor to change for the better?

New year’s resolutions are often based in negative self-judgement and articulated by the inner critic. In this workshop we’ll instead use the tools of wise self-assessment, compassion and mindfulness to articulate intentions and set a course for the year.  We can move toward goals and behavior changes from a place of acceptance, kindness and compassion for who we are, enjoying a more nurturing relationship with ourselves along the way.

The retreat will include guided meditations, short talks, journaling, inquiry, and Q&A. It’s appropriate for beginners and experienced meditators. Together we will explore ways to bring our best selves forward and emerge clarified and renewed for the New Year ahead.

Retreat registration is on a sliding scale from $20-$60 with full scholarships available. You are welcome to join in person or via Zoom. Meeting details will be sent upon registering.