Women in Buddhism Events Series

These programs celebrate some of the feminine voices and perspectives that are shaping western Dharma for the benefit of all. With one or two exceptions, the programs in this series are designed for all genders, identities, and perspectives.
Image credit: Kalin Dyn.

The Power of Intimate Meetings

April 23-24 with Dorothy Hunt. Friday night talk and Saturday retreat with Dorothy Hunt.

How do we meet this moment of our life, or the “ten thousand things”? Zen Master Dogen once said, “Enlightenment is simply intimacy with all things.” The liberation made possible by realizing our true nature does not mature by escaping into Emptiness, but by fully embracing the moment. Buddhanature is already present, but are we open to how its response might flow effortlessly, intimately, and compassionately when we let go of trying to control life by the dictates of our conditioned mind? Friday night is an open to all public talk which can be accessed using Zoom number 958-657-6266 or this link. Saturday’s workshop information will be sent upon registration.