CANCELLED: Ecosattva Training

March 4, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Bozeman Dharma Center
1019 E Main

EcoSattva Training: Together at an Edge

Online Class from
One Earth Sangha

Wednesdays, March 4 – April 22
7 – 9 PM

UPDATE: As of March 18, 2020, this class is cancelled.  Those of you who are registered with One Earth Sangha can of course continue to watch the videos, join the monthly online meet-ups and savor the teachings of this course.  At some point in the future, the BDC will sponsor this course again in its entirety.  Stay tuned!

Join us in One Earth Sangha’s EcoSattva Training to come together at this edge in human history. Drawing on wisdom from Buddhism and the growing field of climate psychology, this course will support us in turning toward our experience of climate change so we can respond to it authentically, positively and whole-heartedly. Together, we’ll explore these times of intensifying change and draw upon Buddhist practices to cultivate the wisdom and compassion that can carry us forward.

Each session will include background materials, a video featuring a leading voice in eco-dharma, experiential exercises we can explore individually and together, follow up materials and more. If you need to miss a session, you will be able to stream that content on your own. We hope for consistent attendance, but are happy to flex with your schedule so as to share this compelling program with all those who’re interested.

You can PREVIEW THE COURSE HERE. on the One Earth Sangha’s website

What the Eight Sessions Cover

  • Session One: Gathering and Setting a Course
  • Special Session: Mind and Resilience
  • Session Two: Cultivating Conditions for Transformation
  • Session Three: Compassionate Reflection
  • Session Four: Intersections in Racism, Colonialism, Patriarchy and Ecological Crises
  • Session Five: Making a Home in Uncertainty
  • Session Six: Creating and Discovering The Way
  • Session Seven: Expressing Our Awakening Agency
  • Session Eight: Going Forth

Who is this for?

If you’re intrigued by the possibility of finding well-being amid what can seem like an impossible situation, if you’re interested in a response to climate crisis that is deeply rooted and meaningful, that develop your sense of agency, that will help you feel connected to others and to the Rest of Nature, this course is for you. Those who are already active in some way can find support for their engagement as well as those looking to discover their place in action. Even if you’ve never meditated or aren’t particularly interested in Buddhism per se, we think you’ll find value here.

Featured Teachers and Experts

We are delighted and honored to feature the following leaders from across Western Dharma traditions: Dan Siegel, Thanissara, Noliwe Alexander, David Loy, Renee Lertzman, Pennie Opal Plant, Lama Willa Miller, Kaira Jewel Lingo, Adam Lobel, Yanai Postelnik.


Anyone in the community is welcome to drop in to any session. No commitment to all 8 is required and sessions are not cumulative in content. If you plan on attending five or six of the eight, it is requested that you register for the course over the One Earth Sangha’s website. Our group has promised to have 8-10 people registered, which gives us the discounted group price of $108 each. Those who can only attend less than five sessions are invited to contribute (a suggested, sliding-scale donation per session) which will be passed on to One Earth Sangha.


One Earth Sangha offers scholarships for the course to anyone who needs one. If you need to pay something lower than our group rate of $108, please APPLY FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP over their website first and they’ll give you a code to enter in registration. that code should be entered instead of our group discount code. Don’t hesitate to ask, they want those interested in the course to be able to take it. SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS ARE HERE. 

How to Register:

CLICK HERE to go to One Earth Sangha’s webpage
This is a link created for our group that will have the group name referenced.

Skip over the Log In button and fill out a form to set up a user account.

Then go to your email where they’ve sent you a registration link.

Enter the user name (your email) and password you created in the form to access registration

The registration should have our group name already selected in the drop-down list. If not, find Bozeman_Dharma_Center and enter that in the little window.

You will see a blue box with a discount code. This is the code that will reduce the price to $108. Copy the code and paste it into the discount window below.  (In the past it has been EST19GRP6C)

Click the green Apply button to apply the discount code. The option of Basic Rate $150 will be automatically selected but the total in green below will show as $108.

Then enter your card payment, optional data on where you are to show global participants’ map, click data policy little box and last, the REGISTER button.

You should then receive two emails, one with a receipt and one Welcome to the Course.