Mindful Creativity Group

Meets Quarterly

Led by Ron Davis and Mem Schultz with various facilitators

The BDC Mindful Creativity Group (MCG) offers creative ways to explore the teachings of the Buddha. Using arts, crafts and/or writing methods, facilitators from our community will lead creative activities with the purpose of expressing the wisdom, inspiration and compassion of the Dharma. 

MCG plans to offer one Saturday workshop at least every quarter. You do not have to practice Buddhism or have prior experience with the art form to join; everyone is welcome.

There will be a suggested sliding scale fee which includes registration and materials costs for every meeting; scholarships are available on request.

Sample Meeting
● Welcome/introduction
● Meditation (10-20 minutes)
● Introduction to creative activity.  All creative modules are based on Buddha’s teachings.
● Creative activity
● Group sharing on the experience of practice or the reading
● Clean up
● Short closing sit and Dedication of Merit

Background on Creativity and Buddhism

Creativity, innovation and imagination have been part of the Buddhist tradition since the first century BCE when the oral tradition of Theravada evolved into the narrative sutras of the Pali Canon etched into palm leaves. Statues of Buddha were created in the 3rd century Pyu period of Burma. The Dunhuang caves of China revealed a multicultural collection of 5th century Buddhist manuscripts and mural paintings. Tibetans have created thangkas and mandalas for 1,300 years inspiring the practice of Vajrayana Buddhism. The history of Zen in Japan is replete with poems, drawings, paintings and books based on Buddhist themes. Modern western Buddhism is currently producing art, in all its forms, as an exploration of the Buddha’s teachings. Our Mindful Creativity Group will continue this tradition.

Interested in Facilitating?

Out of respect for the Buddha’s teachings, the integrity of the presentations will be carefully reviewed. For important information regarding the criteria to facilitate, the facilitator’s role, class structure, and for the application form please click here.