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Low Transmission

The CDC is listing Gallatin County as having low COVID transmission right now! This means masking is optional when you are in person at the BDC. We check Gallatin County’s status weekly and we have a sign on a table near our front door that lets you know if masks are required or optional. Masks are provided in case you don’t have one with you. If you’re at home and want to check Gallatin’s transmission rates, you can do so here. Thanks for helping to keep our community safe!

Masks Required

Our safety policy requires masks be worn at in-person events when levels of COVID transmission are high. Last Friday, the CDC reported that COVID-19 transmission levels for Gallatin County have reached that level and therefore we will again require all participants to wear masks at BDC events. Remember that Zoom is an option for most of our programs. The BDC safety policy can be read in full here.

Bozeman Dharma Center New Address!

We’re going to start meeting at our new Bozeman Dharma Center space next week!

The new address is 3810 Valley Commons Dr, Unit 6.  It’s between Fowler and Ferguson, one block north of Huffine. It’s upstairs. When you go up the stairs (or out of the elevator), turn to the left.  We’re kind of hidden off to the side.

The space won’t be completely unpacked, but the meditation hall will be usable.

Check out our calendar for meeting days/times.

Space Update

Work is continuing on our new space at 3810 Valley Commons! Construction needed to take out offices in what will be our meditation hall has finished. A new wall has been put in to make an office for staff in the lobby area. Many volunteers have been working hard to get us ready to open and we’d like to take a quick moment to thank them!

Oscar Wongstrom took care of the electrical rewiring of our renovation. 
Brad Webb did an amazing job prepping and painting the space.
Steve Barkley has worked tirelessly coordinating remodeling efforts (and putting in labor as well). 
Marilyn RaffenspergerDoug BeaudoinMem Schultz and Karen DeCotis spent many hours researching flooring options and paint colors. 
Denny Raffensperger was essential in helping to evaluate potential space options and creating an affordable remodeling plan.

Be sure to give them all some gratitude next time you see them!

We know you’re wondering when we’ll be opening. New flooring for the meditation hall is scheduled to be installed May 23-24. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we should be able to open our doors in June. We’ll let you know the exact date as soon as we can.

We’ve Signed a Lease!

The board is excited to announce that we’ve signed a new lease! We won’t be moving in right away, however; we still have a multi-month process to go through to get it ready to occupy. There are multiple ways you can support this endeavor. To help with renovation costs, donations are always welcome. We hope to lower these costs by doing some simple jobs ourselves and could use anyone with DIY skills to help with those efforts. Finally, we will eventually need people to help us move in when that time comes. Thanks for your support everyone!

Women’s Wintering Retreat

Image: Catherine Cussaguet

There are a few spots still available for our women’s wintering retreat: “The Practice of Sacred Quiet and Stillness” with Suzanne Colón & Karen DeCotis. This day of practice includes poetry, meditation, female companionship and mutual support for our collective journey through winter. Held in person in the Boyd Room of Pilgrim Congregational Church at 2118 South 3rd or via Zoom (please note: this is not the normal BDC Zoom number). Register here.